The Dutch Grading Service

Would you like to have a certificate of authenticity made?

As always, the Grading is involved in the authenticity of stamps, stamps, letters and postal stationery, etc. from the Netherlands and Overseas.

Each piece is now independently examined by at least 2 judges, so that a balanced judgment is guaranteed. These judges all have years of experience in the world of philately.

Each object to be inspected is carefully examined according to strict criteria.

When the object is approved, you will receive a certificate with the findings of the Inspection Service and a colour image of the inspected item printed on it and certified by the Inspection Service. The certificate is also stored digitally to prevent possible forgeries.

The costs of these inspections are €35,= per certificate, for series of more than 7 copies. €50,=, in case of rejection we will charge €15,= (plus the costs of registered return shipping) these prices are included VAT.
We can guarantee that your certificate will be ready within approx. 2 weeks after receipt of the material to be inspected (unless it is indicated in advance that a more extensive examination will be necessary).

The material to be inspected is insured by us during your stay at our office and must at all times be sent to us by registered post with the declared value or delivered to the address below:

De Nederlandsche Keuringsdienst
Leeuwenveldseweg 14a
1382LX Weesp

For more information you can always contact us via or by phone: 0294-433020

Permanent judges of the Dutch Inspection Service are:

M.T. Bulterman
R.A.M. Dresken

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