Auctioning, it remains an adventure.
For hobbyists and for professionals. Whatever and wherever you are, we are happy to think along about philately and numismatics and advise you. We value your collection at the office or at your home and we think along with you about insurance, succession or divisions.
We remain intensely curious about new collections and are happy to help you to obtain the highest possible yield for your collection. With the best possible allotment and presentation. With a historical perspective and a fresh look at the future. But always in an open, transparent relationship, from person to person.

Martijn Bulterman, director appraiser

Martijn's most beautiful discovery is a letter archive from Sweden, found in an attic. The consigner thought 'it was nothing', the value amounted to almost € 200,000 in total. He is and remains a real bon vivant. Hope to still be in the business in 5 years

Collects: Postcards

René Dresken, director appraiser

René loves philately and numismatics, always being curious about the people behind the collections. Stamps are in his genes and the NPV under his skin. Travelling and good meals along the way are a nice side effect.

Collects: All philately and numismatics from north of the IJ and everything from the Beemster.

Brigitte Heidveldt, creative centipede

Has been working at the auction for over 40 years and sees a challenge in everything. She sees every day
new chances. She is the inspiration behind many catalogues and advertisements. She's still here
not finished learning, but wants to transfer her knowledge to the next generation after the next lustrum
so she can spend more time with her grandchildren.

Harry Rooijakkers, passionate employee

This pur sang collector sees music in all other unique things, such as unusual plants for his garden. Above all, Harry is a passionate motorcyclist.

Collects: Provincial Coins (especially the Silver Rider), any non-standard stamps (of chocolate, rubber, wood, sweet-smelling, gramophone stamps, and so on).

Dora Akkersdijk, front desk

As the trusted face of our auction, Dora receives our customers at the front desk, assists them by telephone and ensures that all payments are always made on time and correctly. She will be standing in her garden for the next lustrum, if it is up to her. For now, our reliable strength!

Daan Oosterbaan, general appraiser

Daan is Brigitte's eldest son, who has been employed on a permanent basis for several months, but has been around the auction for 33 years. Our business is in safe hands with him. With his economic and photographic education and experience, he is the asset for our future.

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