Frequently Asked Questions

Would you prefer a printed copy of the catalog?
€25,= for the stamp catalog
€20,= for the coin catalog
Transfer to account number NL95 INGB 0000 4610 00 in the name of De Nederlandsche Postzegel en Muntenveiling, stating your name and address!
You will receive the catalog twice, if you have bought something within a year, we will automatically send the catalog free of charge.

How high is the purchase commission?
23% + €2,- lot money

If I leave my stamps or coins with you, can I cancel my insurance from that moment on?
Yes, all your belongings are insured against theft and/or damage by us from the moment of return for any amount, but at least for the amount appraised by us.

Does an appraisal take a long time and can I stay with it?
An appraisal generally does not take much time, the appraisers are very experienced, you can always stay up to date.

Do I have to sort/select/catalog/classify my stamps/coins in advance?
You can hand in everything as it is at that moment, so you do not unnecessarily waste time looking for boxes, bags, etc., because we do this very efficiently for you if you have the material auctioned.

Will everything be sold?
Your entire entry/collection will in principle be sold, if something remains unsold, it will be sold in a subsequent auction.

How much is the submission committee?
This depends on the value of your entry.

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